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What is your biggest concern related to CSRD?

In an effort to understand the greatest concerns related to the CSRD, we conducted an online survey among dozens of relevant companies. The results provided a fascinating, high-level insight into the current state of corporate sustainability strategies. In this post, we share our key findings with you.

The Ultimate CSRD & ESRS Handbook

A sustainability reporting playbook for companies operating in the EU.

Unlocking CSRD Compliance: The Digital Path to Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Global regulatory bodies are emphasizing ESG practices through initiatives like the European Union’s CSRD to enhance sustainability and transparency in companies. To effectively adhere to these regulations, businesses are turning to digital tools such as Denxpert.
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Common headaches for ESG teams

Some of the most common headaches for ESG teams, potential solutions, and why a greater focus on ESG is the right way forward.
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A CSRD-vel és az ESG-vel kapcsolatos legfontosabb terminológiát itt gyűjtöttük össze. A szójegyzék rövid és érthető magyarázatot ad a gyakran használt kifejezések jelentéséről.


The most important terminology related to CSRD and ESG has been collected here. The glossary provides a brief and understandable explanation of the meaning of these frequently used terms.

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